Hello World

Hello World, my name is Dave Glassanos and I’ve been programming professionally for 10 years. You won’t find any libraries or frameworks that I’ve written, and I haven’t given any talks at conferences. I don’t even have any blog posts about programming tutorials, the next hot programming language, or tweets claiming that some age-old paradigm is “broken” and needs to be fixed.

So why did I decide to write a newsletter, and more importantly, why should you read it? I’ve learned a lot over the course of my programming career so far. Some of that knowledge I gained through mentors, co-workers, and lots of listening and absorbing the conversations going on around me. Other knowledge I gained the hard way — through endless hours of debugging, putting out fires in production, refactoring legacy codebases, and late-night side projects learning new technologies.

There will always be some things that you just need to learn from experience, but there are other things that I’ve learned that I believe would be beneficial to you, or anyone, as you navigate your career as a programmer. I’ve tried to distill this knowledge down to a few select topics that will benefit anyone traveling down the always evolving road of professional programming, regardless of what field or discipline of programming you decide to specialize in.

This newsletter is meant to offer a perspective on what our duties as professional programmers entail, and how to deliver software that adds value to your organization while reducing risk. My goal is to provide you with the necessary ideas that will stick with you as you grow your professional career, and help you become a well-rounded asset to not only your team but your company too.

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